Management of chronic fatigue


Chronic fatigue may be the result of a disease such as cancer, Parkinson's disease, stroke, fibromyalgia and others. But, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) may be the main health problem. The existence of fatigue creates problems for the patient's physical health recovery and for dealing with the emotional problems a person with fatigue may have. Fatigue negatively interferes with the management of the professional and social problems of the patients and therefore their quality of life.


Chronic fatigue has, in recent decades, begun to attract the attention of health professionals worldwide. The treatment of fatigue following several conditions is still at early stages. The use of exercise to deal with fatigue has been documented in recent years. In Greece there is still a gap in both determining the prevalence of chronic fatigue and in its treatment.

The management of chronic fatigue is of particular importance because it significantly contributes to the improvement of the the patients' quality of life. Exercise in the format of Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) is catalytic. GET is the use of regular exercise and physical activity, which aims to help people who have fatigue to improve their physical function and reduce the difficulties in the activities of daily living.