Distance can be shrunk!

Video-sessions provide the method of telerehabilitation for patients who live far away or are not able to visit their therapist.

Video - therapy Sessions


Modern technology has significantly been used in the treatment and rehabilitation of people in the recent years, especially abroad. The service of video - therapy sessions provides the emerging method of "telerehabilitation" aiming to help patients who live far from their therapist and are not able, for various reasons, to visit the clinic.


This service is carried out under the guidance of the therapist who will monitor your situation both during the treatment period and after the end of it and advise you if needed. When the video - therapy program is combined with some face to face sessions, either as a home visit or a visit at the clinic, then the treatment results are further enhanced.


For the smooth conduct of the video-therapy sessions it is necessary that you have installed the program Skype on your computer and all related equipment is in place (microphone and camera) before the start of the treatment.


If you think you have problems with chronic fatigue or if you want to seek advice and you live anywhere in Greece or abroad, do not hesitate to contact us, because the method of telerehabilitation via video - therapy sessions, may be the appropriate method of treatment for you.