Group therapy


Group therapy is an increasingly applied method in rehabilitation over the last decades. Through participation in group therapy, the patients realise that they are not alone into facing a specific problem. The members of the group assist one another via giving and receiving support. Participants gain a "voice", as often in the wider society the disease and its symptoms are not understood by others. By participating in a Graded Exercise Therapy group you will be in contact with other people, which will help you along the way and you will manage to build a security network with people who face the same problems as you. Many patients report that through their participation in group therapy they have gained security and incentives.


Group therapy takes place at the clinic under the condition that you can visit the clinic once every week or fortnight. The number of people participating in the group is 5 - 8. Your therapist is responsible for the selection of those who will participate in the group, after an assessment is made. The number of sessions is usually 12-16.